Design Sprint Bootcamps & Training

We help forward-thinking companies tackle difficult problems and turn big ideas into testable products in just 5 days.

Hands-on training for teams and individuals building digital products.

Running a Design Sprint takes practice, in fact it’s taken a few attempts for us to get it right. While we have the advantage of refining our process with our customers, you probably don’t have that kind of time.d This hands on, no BS training on Design Sprints for digital products will take you through each step of the 5 phase process using real world problems. You’ll interview real experts, learn fundamental design methodologies, express your ideas visually, prototype your solutions and finally test it with real customers.

What you'll Learn

The Design Sprint is a recipe card made up of Design Thinking methodologies. You’ll get hands-on, practical experience using all of these methods to help you design better products. Not to mention, ones you can apply immediately to your next product design initiative.

Here are some of the Design Thinking activities:

Journey Mapping

Crazy 8’s 


Empathy Mapping

Lightning Demos

Dot Voting

User Testing


Bootcamps are delivered in creative workspaces with lunch and snacks to fuel the day. We'll cover all the activities in a Design Sprint plus other goodies like empathy mapping and user research strategies. Here's a brief look into what the 2-day bootcamp looks like.

Day 1

Intro to Design Sprints

Lightning Talks & How Might We's

Defining the Problem

Setting Goals

Journey Mapping

Solution Sketching

Day 2

Decision Making

Story Boarding


User Testing


Facilitating Tips

Our Guarantee

Unlimited on-going training for as long as we're in business!

We constantly update and re-tool our workshops. After the design sprint bootcamp, you will have unlimited access to future bootcamps and workshops at our graduate rate (just enough to cover the cost of materials and food).

Graduates also receive access to our online community of design sprinters which includes ongoing support for design sprint related activities, resources, etc.

Interested in learning more?

Bootcamp Results

Whether it's training or a real design sprint, results always matter to us. You'll leave the day with a toolkit to rapidly validate new product ideas, resources to do it on your own and a finished prototype to show the value of the process.

Take a look at some prototype examples that show what you can accomplish!